Lisa Chernyavska is a botanical artist based in Prague, Czechia.

She was born in Ukraine and moved to Czech Republic for Ph.D. studies in 2015. Currently Lisa is working on her dissertation in Electrical Engineering.

From 2012 Lisa started to work as a freelance illustrator working mostly in watercolor and producing illustrations for books and packaging. Starting from 2016 she fell in love with botanical art and spent all her time studying it. Lisa is currently working in watercolor and graphite.

Even though she spent more that 9 years studying engineering, botanical art takes a very important role in Lisa’s life.


  • Botanical Art Worldwide Exhibition, Flora of Ukraine, May 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Botanical Art Exhibition, May 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 5th International Exhibition Art Resilience, August 2019, Saint-Frajou, France